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Every bag of dog food contains nutrients and minerals that work in concert to maintain your dog’s healthy immune system and metabolic rate. Vitamins serve to lessen the daily harm done to body cells. Minerals dog food support healthy cells’ ability to function normally.Dog food

     Popular dog food

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Your dog food always start with proper proteins  there are four  ingredients mention below

1.immune system health

2. energy

3.Healthy skin


How does healthy nutrition benefit your dog?

Feeding your dog food the right nutrients in the right proportions is crucial. Animals (as well as people) require a specific ratio of protein, carbs, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water each day to maintain proper body functions. Feeding your dog the right nutritional supplements in   the right proportions can keep them healthy. Pets (just like people) need a different ratio of protein, carbs, fats, vitamins, minerals and water every day to stay healthy and functioning. Nutritional supplements can help meet their unique needs.


What should I look for in a dog food?

The best piece of feeding advice you can get is to give your dog the best food you can afford. The quality and source of the ingredients, rather than the nutrition label, determines the difference between a premium food and a low-cost food.  It is Based on his regular activities and physical condition score, your veterinarian can determine how many calories your dog requires each day and every dog food have nutrition.

Is dry or canned food better?

There are simply no differences between dry and canned (wet) dog food in terms of nutrients and digestibility

Canned Food:

Dry Food:

.   nutrition and  Dog food choice should be based on your lifestyle, tastes, and financial situation. Canned food could be a better option for dogs who need to drink more water or who have specific dietary requirements. Otherwise, dry kibble will usually be sufficient for dogs.

Feed your dog the highest-quality food you can afford


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