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All scientific discoveries are amazing, and some are truly life changing. To give science some extra love (as if we could love it any more), we’ve looked back on our conversations and interviews with our life science community to see which scientific discoveries you think are the greatest. From penicillin to genome editing to CRISPR, here’s a roundup of the greatest scientific discoveries of all time (in no particular order) which have been highlighted on our blog over the past year.



  1. The some great scientific discoveries are below
  2. Genome editing. …
  3. CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Inter spaced Short Palindromic Repeats) …
  4. RNA-sequencing. …
  5. The molecular structure of DNA. …
  6. Electricity. …
  7. Painkillers and anaesthetic. …
  8. Vaccines. …

Science Breakthroughs of 2021 that You Need to Know About

The Covid-19 vaccine

The development of the Covid-19 vaccines is actually part of the science news of 2020, but it is in 202 that they were rolled out.

Launch of the James Webb Telescope

The James Webb Space Telescope, the largest and most powerful space telescope ever developed, launched in December.

New findings on Mars

Three missions arrived at Mars in February 2021, taking advantage of the Earth-Mars orbit alignment, something that happens once every 26 months.

Closer than ever to finding ET

Cambridge researchers in a paper in August speculated about the existence of a world falling into the category of Hycean planets which could support life.

Science Discoveries CRISPR gene editing injected into blood

Science Discoveries

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Science discoveries



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