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Spot and Tango Dog Food Recall – Spot & Tango, the growingly popular brand of dog food behind UnKibble has announced the first ever recall of dog food. As per Dog Food Advisor, the brand directly contacted customers via a private email to inform them that they will be recalling four batches UnKibble. The recall follows the testing of samples positively in the presence of Salmonella bacteria.

Spot and Tango is a subscription-based dog food service that has fresh, delicious recipes available with three distinct flavors. The meals and subscriptions are tailored to the unique requirements of your pet. In a subscription plan will deliver food to your home on a regular basis and charged per delivery. You can alter the frequency of delivery via your online account but keep in mind that this isn’t the most cost-effective option to purchase dog food.

Although the subscription may be a bit expensive, Spot and Tango tends to be more affordable over other dog food businesses and subscription services. They also offer an assortment of dry dog food, dubbed “UnKibble” that is a slightly more affordable option in comparison to their traditional food formulas with the same top-quality ingredients. Overall we recommend Spot and Tango an A+ rating and believe it’s a fantastic service for pet owners who are seeking a top-quality and nutritious diet designed to meet the requirements of their dog.

Spot & Tango is a fresh pet food company which was first introduced in the year 2018. Spot & Tango does not possess any physical stores and the majority of their clients order and control their deliveries completely online as is typical in the market for fresh pet food. But, their products are available at certain pet stores in the Northeastern United States, which is slightly uncommon.

Spot and Tango Dog Food Recall

Spot and Tango Dog Food Recall

Prospective Spot & Tango customers can add their dog’s characteristics like the dog’s ageweightbreed, and the level of activity on their website, and a bespoke menu is provided to satisfy their nutritional needs. In between Spot & Tango and its rivals, 10’s of millions of dog foods that are fresh and healthy products have been sold throughout the United States in the last couple of years, and it is fast becoming a segment of the market for pet food.

Spot & Tango is available for shipping throughout in the United States, except Alaska and Hawaii which are not normal due to the difficulty shipping to these states. Based on their FAQ Their products are delivered to consumers after having been flash-frozen to ensure that they are fresh and safe for consumption. They also use dry ice to make sure they remain frozen throughout the time of shipping.

Unfortunately for Canadian dog owners keen to test Spot & Tango, their products aren’t yet accessible north of the border. On April 20, 2020 Spot & Tango was the first of the fresh home-delivery brand of dog food to launch the “fresh dry dog food” product, dubbed by the name Unkibble. We’ll discuss the evolution in fresh pet food soon.

Who Makes Spot and Tango and Where Is It Produced?

Spot and Tango is headquartered in New York, NY which is the place where their food is produced and also. They make use of human-grade local ingredients in all their recipes of dog food. They prepare meals in smaller quantities in large kitchens under the guidance and direction of veterinarian nutritionists.

Which Types of Dogs is Spot and Tango Best Suited For?

Spot and Tango are a great choice for dogs of all ages and breed, size and level of activity. Prior to signing for their items, you as the dog’s owner must take a an assessment of your pet to determine the breed size and weight, as well as the level of activity and whether they have been neutered or spayed or have any special dietary requirements or restrictions.

Based on this data, Spot and Tango is capable of helping you design an individual diet and meal plan that is based on your dog’s needs. Food is prepared in order to avoid overfeeding. If your dog enjoys lamb, beef or turkey flavours If so, then your dog is bound to enjoy the fresh food and high-quality products used by Spot and Tango employ in their recipes.

What Kinds of Dogs Would be more effective with a different brand?

Spot and Tango provide three distinct flavors for their food fresh. If your dog is fond of an odor like fish or chicken, instead of lamb, beef, or turkey, this food is not appropriate for your dog. While Spot and Tango can help with some food sensitivities or allergies when designing your dog’s food schedule, there are some allergies and sensitivities they might have difficulty overcoming.

If you’re tired of analyzing brands for dog food Don’t fret there’s no need to worry. In the last two decades many new manufacturers of dog food have come on the scene to be competitive in the premium category. While the sheer number of manufacturers could make the search longer but the wide range of options allows you to have more flexibility in deciding what your dog’s diet is. You don’t need to depend on your pet shop or the market to have the dog food you like. When you sign up for the dog food subscription program that offers premium meals delivered right to your home.

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