5 Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan You’d Love in 2022

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Let’s be completely honest, if you heard someone mention that they are going on a vacation to Pakistan you would be really surprised.

After all, the country has unfortunately been associated with terrorism, war, and trouble in general as far as the American popular consciousness goes since its independence from India and founding shortly after the Second World War. Yet the surprising reality for many is that Pakistan is one of the more beautiful countries on earth.

Pakistan is hugely blessed with far more than just some of the top natural vistas to be found anywhere in the world. The country’s long, compelling history dates all the way back to the ancient world. There are many historical, architectural, and cultural wonders to visit here besides the great and overwhelming natural beauty spots.

5 Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan

1. Kalash Valleys

Pakistan’s Kalash Valleys, comprised of Bumburet, Birir, and Rumbur are hidden gems surrounded by the dramatic Hindu Kush mountain range, a part of the Himalayas.

The valleys are known for the beauty of the people as well as the natural splendor. Thought to be the descendants of Alexander the Great’s armies, the Kalash are animists, an ethnic minority, rather than Muslims, and live in wooden homes that dot the high hills. The women are known for their gayly-colored traditional dresses and headpieces you will only see in this part of Pakistan.

Jeeps and car hires transport visitors easily to the remote Kalash Valleys from Chitral, 2.5 hours away. Bumburet is the most populated valley and popular with Pakistan tourists. Rumbur and Birir are less developed and popular with foreign travelers. Visit the locally-owned Kalasha Dur museum in Bumburet, an attractive cultural museum that gives you all the information needed to tour the stunning valleys.

The best time to visit the Kalash Valleys is during one of their traditional festivals. Chilan Joshi is celebrated in in May, Uchau is celebrated in autumn, and Choimus occurs for two weeks around the winter season.

Image by Luis Stitzinger courtesy Luis Stitzinger, SOURCE
Image by Luis Stitzinger, SOURCE

Concordia is a paradise for mountain lovers and climbers alike. It lies in the far north of the country on the national border with China.

Most people are not aware of Pakistan’s claim to fame for containing five of the highest 14 peaks on the planet.

From the vantage point provided by this beautiful place Concordia, tourists can take in four of these five highest in the world peaks.

3. Lake Saif-ul-Malook

Lying at the northern extreme of the Kaghan Valley is the stunning natural Lake Saif-ul-Malook. It is in the Khyber-Paktunkhwa province in the Mansehra District.

This natural lake is beautiful not only for the surrounding mountain scenery but also because of the unique reflection of the mountains on the lake water that is absolutely breathtaking for visitors to behold.

The best and most convenient time to visit this one of a kind wonder of nature is in the summer. During the winter months when snows are often heavy along the roads, it can require many nerve-racking hours to arrive safely. The roads are slippery with ice then, making the all-terrain vehicles an unsure way to come here safely through the high, often narrow, and winding mountain roads in the winter months.

4. Deosai

Within the Astore District of Gilgit-Balistan province lies the so-called “land of the giants” better known today as Deosai.

This region is actually a boundary to the western Himalayas Mountains and Karakorum. Here visitors will enjoy magnificent varieties of flowers and many different. Often one of a kind animal species such as the snow leopard and the brown bear. This plateau turns out to be the highest one on earth, providing more bragging rights in front of friends stuck back home.

Nature-lovers should never miss the well worth the time and effort trip if the seasonal weather conditions permit the journey.

5. Shandur Top


Shandur Top is in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa District in the Chitral area. This makes it a good trip site to potentially combine with that of nearby Deosai.

During July, the Shandur Polo Festival occurs here each year, bringing in hordes of locals and tourists alike. Coming in the winter months is dangerous due to the slippery roads encumbered from heavy snowfalls and icy conditions. During the summer months, It becomes easily accessible via all-terrain vehicles.



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