Why Health is Important

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6 Reasons Women Should Care About Their Heart HealthLife without health is nothing. A person who performs routine tasks without physical and mental problems is called healthy. Physical means a body is not affected by any disease. Mental health means a man works in a happy mood. If a Man is not healthy he does not perform his daily routine task. because he is sick and affected by some disease, he is not happy because he is not fit mentally he is always in an angry mood.

Why Health is Important?

A healthy person serves his community and nation. when a person is not affected by any diseases he/she a considered a healthy person. A healthy person leads a happy life. If we become healthy first we focus on our diet. Diet is so important for health. If we eat a healthy diet we become healthy. the second thing is regular exercise. Regular exercise and keeping the body active will strengthen our bones and physical fitness. your energy level is reflected by your health. https://brushforpets.com/the-fifa-footbal…0-to-December-18

Your health is made up of four layers.

1. Physical :

2. Mental:                                                                                                                                                                      

3. Emotional :why health is important

4. Spiritual : 

What is health care important?  https://www.nih.gov/health-information

Without access to healthcare, people are affected by more diseases. Health can not be improved by the consumption of health services. If we are not eating good diets and do not go for exercise we become ill with different diseases. In this way, we go to the hospital and take everyday medicines to become our bodies healthy.


Heath is important for society because people are ill, and emergency. accident and  the hospital is needed to diagnose and treated. WHO defines health policy as decisions, plans, and actions that are undertaken to achieve specific healthcare goals within a society. The aim of health care policies is to define a vision for the future which in turn helps to establish targets and points of reference for the short and medium term. It also outlines priorities and the expected roles of different groups; it builds consensus and informs people. 



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